Welcome to the House of Doom…

This blog is the vehicle by which Beth and David will record the trials and tribulations of doing up their first house together…  Questions answered along the way will include:

  • Was it such a bargain after all?
  • Are Beth and David 50 years too young to be living in a bungalow?
  • Are there bodies hidden under the floorboards?
  • How many layers of paint cover that hideous textured wallpaper?
  • Will Beth and David kill each other before they get rid of those artex ceilings?
  • Will they move in by Christmas?
  • Was that wall loadbearing…?

Watch this space for fascinating photos, riveting reviews, and shocking sagas from………………………….


P.S. The most recent posts are at the top of this page, directly below this post.  So if you want to read from the very start, scroll right down the bottom and work your way up!


5 Responses to Welcome to the House of Doom…

  1. Amelia Diallo says:

    Congratulations on your purchase!Eexcellent idea for the blog, we look forward to hearing all about it. My advice to you both is this:

    Dave, savour the moments where Beth wont mind you getting involved with a stripper (as it’s of the wallpaper kind!) and Beth, remember a certain story about a piece of wire, a plug and a science teacher before you meddle with any electrics!!

  2. L says:

    I particularly like the shed

  3. Sam says:

    Dave. Chainsaw NO!

    Don’t you remember every other time you did anything. You are very accident prone and should leave all manual labour to your more capable better half.

    Where is this fine single story dwelling? When will the guest suite be ready?

  4. thehouseofdoom says:

    Sam, I forgot to answer, sorry pal! Chainsaws are more fun than I could ever imagine. No major injuries so far – maybe the house is just hurting me financially…!?

    It’s in Dorset, in Formerly Upmarket Parkstone. Guest suite? We don’t have such a thing. Like an NYC boutique hotel, each room is individually tailored to its occupants , to enhance their experience. So, when you visit, it’ll be the Sam Room: full of healthy food, kickboxing videos, and mustard. I love a good private joke on a (semi-)public forum.

  5. Helen Stock says:

    You look like you’re making fantastic progress and we look forward to seeing it all in the flesh soon! Perhaps when you’re finished, you could give a hand to our kitchen project, recarpeting our stairs – in fact any of the little chores we continue to leave undone!

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