All Done!

Well, pretty much.  The carpet is down in the third and final bedroom – woo hoo!  To say we’re relieved is an understatement!  It feels so fantastic to have done the majority of the DIY.  But fear not, avid readers, the blog will continue for some time yet – we’ve barely even begun the garden!  😉

Well here’s the room anyway, as you can see the neutral-coloured carpet and lilac walls help make the most of a lovely sunny little room.  We’ll be using this room as an office, and the computer desk will go where the carpet offcuts are at the moment.  At the other end of the room we’ve got a double futon, where Hannah sleeps (or at least tries – Chester does his best to wake her up!) when she comes to stay.


Here’s Hannah and Chester:


It was lovely to have our first house guests!  Thanks to David’s family for coming and testing our spare bedrooms!


One Response to All Done!

  1. Helen Stock says:

    We had a fabulous first visit to the place that really shouldn’t be called the House of Doom at all! Maybe the House of Chester? The Place Where Hannah Spends Her Holidays? Just a couple of suggestions there! You have worked so hard and should be very proud of the results. Now onwards and outwards to the garden…

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