David’s new get-away…

With the fence complete, it’s time to put up the new shed at last!  It’s sited very close to the fence on two sides, so we painted those two sides before we started putting the shed together, as it would be impossible afterwards.  You can’t see the colour on any of the below photos as we haven’t finished painting it yet, so you’ll have to be patient and wait for that (it’s a very nice colour though!)


Once we got the floor down (which took a bit of thought as it all had to be level, on a sloping base!), the wall panels went up really quickly – great! we thought…

However, for those of you thinking about buying a shed from the internet – our 10′ x 7′ shed arrived on one pallet…and pallets aren’t very big!  As a result our shed comprised about a million tiny pieces of wood, which all had to be screwed, nailed, hammered and battered into position with the help of some pigeon-English instructions and a few very unhelpful grainy photos.


The roof was a nightmare as none of the trusses seemed to want to be square, and bits didn’t quite fit properly…but in the end it started to take shape, as you can see by this rather unglamorous, posed, shot!


Unfortunately we haven’t taken any photos of it finished, with the doors and roof felt etc, as it was dark by the time we finished…!  Will update again soon.


One Response to David’s new get-away…

  1. Maggie says:

    Great looking shed! Will bear in mind your comments about buying sheds from eBay! 😉 OH currently watching boats on eBay – wants an Enterprise as our lovely Ruddy Duck (Seabird half-rater) won’t be ready to go back in the water this year as she’s having a major rebuild.

    Maggie (from MSE forums)

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