Purpose of this Blog

We have just bought a 3-bed 1930s bungalow…  It needs a hell of a lot of work, but we hope that with a lot of effort and hopefully not too much money, we can make it into our perfect first home (ahhhh).

All our friends keep asking us how it’s going, but as so many of them probably won’t see it until it’s done (or at least not as decrepit as it is at the moment), we thought we’d stick some photos on the web for all to see, along with a bit of a running commentary on how it’s going.

Feel free to add comments – we’d love to hear your opinions on what we’ve done so far.  And of course, pop in anytime  🙂

Beth and David x


5 Responses to Purpose of this Blog

  1. Liam says:

    Looks like you’ve gotten well stuck in already. As long as Dave doesn’t pick up any more big exciting looking power tools, i’m sure you’ll be job done in no time. Make sure he rests up that thumb, you don’t him off his feet for too long with all that work to do!

  2. Irene McL. says:

    Doubt we’ll be poping over anytime to help, but I’ll sit here in the comfort of my chair across the pond and watch your transformation, heheh. Congrats on the new house, and I’m sure it’ll be super sparkly spangly when done!

  3. Donika and Christian says:

    Love it! 🙂 Thanks for giving us the blog ad. You’ve been so busy. Esp LOVE the painting in the kitchen..it looks perfect on that wall.

    Can’t wait to come and visit 😉

    xxx d and c

  4. Hannah says:

    looking good! 🙂 liking my bed thing u should add a pic of that!
    I see i’m only noted as “Davids sister” in your blog, i think the good people who read this will want to know more about me and how they can become more like me, i mean, i am somewhat of an icon!!!! 🙂
    Liking the actual house tho it’s cool…

    especially the funky young lady sitting on your sofa… oh wait… only me!

    • thehouseofdoom says:

      See “the funky young lady” complete with luminous pink plaster cast, on progress report “All Done!” Chester was very pleased to have some new people around to make a fuss of him!

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