A new door and a new number…

June 1, 2009

We must apologise yet again for the lax upkeep of this blog, we’ve both been so busy, what with holidays, gardening, new job, wedding preparations etc etc.  Plus the fact that the weather has been far too nice lately to sit indoors on the computer!

A couple of symbolic “topping out” type additions to the house since the last post.  Firstly – at last we have a house number, so now people have no excuse for not being able to find us!


Secondly, we have a lovely new front door!  We’re not really fans of PVCu, but seeing as the rest of the bungalow already had PVCu windows, it made sense to replace the existing (rubbish) door with something similar (but better!).  We both really dislike patterned “obscura” glass, so we went for Pilkington Optifloat Satin glass instead.  It looks really smart and modern, and does the job nicely – lets 85% of the natural light into the hallway, but obscures any view from outside almost totally.



Unfortunately it’s not all been sunshine and cupcakes.  Last weekend Beth noticed a funny mark on the carpet in the conservatory.  On closer inspection, it turned out that about one third of the carpet was damp – the washing machine had been leaking!!  It appeared that the connection between the washing machine hose and the copper cold water feed wasn’t done up tightly enough.  Whether it was loose to begin with, or if it had gradually worked its way loose, we don’t know, but what was evident was that it had been leaky for some time!  As you can see from the photo below, pulling up the carpet revealed a gruesome sight, as all the underlay was moudly an’ orrible!


It was so disgusting: we had to shovel the felt underlay out because it was disintegrating!  Luckily it was a lovely hot and windy weekend, so we kept the door and window open, and it’s pretty much dry already.  We’ve got some spare underlay leftover, and hopefully enough carpet to put down.  Every cloud does have a silver lining, as the leak meant that we had to clear everything out of the conservatory.  We’d been storing all our DIY bits and pieces, paint tins etc in there, and now we’ve found a new home for them, so we’ll have space in the conservatory to actually sit and enjoy the warmth!


In other news, we’ve conquered the main mountain of tree!  We took 2 van and trailer loads to the tip at the weekend, so that’s the first big pile finally gone.  There’s still a smaller, more recent pile to go, but hopefully that’s only a couple of van loads.  We can almost see grass!